What Causes Dry Socket Anyway? [VIDEO]

Sometimes a tooth is so damaged that removing it is the best bet for your oral health. Or in some cases, you may need to have teeth removed simply to make room for dentures. Regardless of the underlying reason, our tooth extraction treatments are always designed to be a pleasant experience for you. We’ll also […]

What You Must Know About Dental Crowns [BLOG]

If your teeth are a little problematic at the moment, you should plan to visit the dentists in Kennewick, WA who have the tools, training, and technology to solve just about any issue. Through safe and effective solutions like dental crowns, we are confident that we can get you smiling big again in no time. […]

No-Nonsense Smile Makeover Solutions For Summer [BLOG]

Now that it’s summertime you certainly won’t want to go on feeling self-conscious about the condition of your teeth and gums. You wouldn’t anyway, but it can be especially challenging during this carefree season of good times with good friends. But you won’t have to feel that way for long because we have the smile […]

Outrageous Problems Dental Veneers Can Solve [VIDEO]

We have found that cosmetic dentistry solutions can boost a patient’s health and confidence while transforming the look of their smile. Today we want to talk about one of our most popular smile makeover options, dental veneers. Amazingly, our dental veneers can correct many smile flaws over the course of a single treatment. That’s right, […]

Why Not Use Your Dental Insurance Right Now?

Regular dental checkup appointments are essential to your continued well-being. Fortunately, two of these preventive visits are typically covered as part of your annual dental insurance benefits. That’s great news for your smile, and you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on those cleanings and exams. Please take a look at today’s video clip below, […]